Stuck between a rock and a hot place, Natrona County Commissioners are forced with considering an increase to the partial fire ban already in place for the county.

Commission Chair, Ed Opella, says the decision hasn't been made yet to go to a full fire ban and they'd like to avoid it. "We're trying to warn people now. We don't want to go to a full ban to hurt everybody's chances for a fun 4th of July, but people are going to have to be aware, if things start escalating and if we start having fires it's not going to be a good situation. We're asking for everybody's help."

Opella notes that state fire fighting resources are already taxed, putting further pressure on the situation. The Governor's office is reaching out to counties calling for extra precaution.

In turn, Opella asks that county residents resist personal fire works and keep an eye out for fires. He says they'll be meeting early Thursday morning to make a decision.