is partnering with other like-minded organizations this week to celebrate National School Choice Week.

Held the last week of January, National School Choice Week is designed to raise awareness about all types of education options, from traditional public schooling to online learning.

"It's just celebrating choice and celebrating giving parents the option to choose the best educational choice for their kids," said Amy Threewitt, President of the Wyoming Chapter of

Threewitt believes every education option is important because each child learns differently.

"I think sometimes the idea is that somehow people who support school choice are not finding the value in traditional schools," said Threewitt. "We want our traditional schools to be strong, we just want to have options for our kids."

Threewitt invites families to take part in Capitol Day on February 18. The event, which begins at 7:30 a.m. in the Cheyenne Depot, will include breakfast with legislators, educational opportunities, two field trips and a march to the Wyoming State Capitol.