The Nasty by Nature Skate Jam returns to Laramie for skateboarders to show off their best tricks and stunts at LaBonte Park.

According to the Associated Press, the 2nd annual event is slated for a 1 p.m. start on Saturday, May 25th. The release goes onto say Jared Peterson owns the Nasty by Nature Skateboards  and he helped create this jam to help promote the sport and give people a venue to show off their tricks.

Peterson says “Basically, it’s just a day to get everybody together, keep some of the local kids out of trouble for the day and get them to the park.” The release says the turnout for their opening year of this jam was very impressive where coordinators were motivated to do it again and now are hoping to expand the festivities to Cheyenne and Fort Collins, Colorado. Peterson adds, "We’re hoping it will be bigger this year.”

The Associated Press states the event will be a competitive occasion with divided groups of skaters 18 and older and to those under 18.  The release goes onto say there will be a trick filled contest include a game such as "HORSE" where skateboarders will try to imitate tricks done by their competitors.

Peterson says "prizes, water, and music will be available for the competitors and audience members." He added, "He said the local skateboarding scene is small maybe a couple dozen skaters but committed." Peterson emphasizes the event is also about celebrating the sport and states “every skater, it’s all about the love of the sport, and that’s what the skate jam is all about. It’s just giving back to the sport itself and giving the kids something to do this summer.”

The Nasty by Nature Skate Jam will happening this Saturday, May 25th in Laramie at LaBonte Park.