Courtesy Ed Murray

Wyoming Secretary of State Ed Murray says a recent 7 day trip he took to Taiwan was worthwhile.

Murray joined five other Secretaries of State from across the country on the April 19-25 visit to the island nation.

Murray was the only Secretary of State from the west, however. The other five were from southern and midwestern states.

Murray says the trip offered a great opportunity to build on the existing trade between Wyoming and Taiwan, as well as learn about the possibility of other exports from the Cowboy State.

Murray says he and the other secretaries met with a wide range of Taiwanese officials, including the president of the country. He also met with the heads of several government ministries.

Taiwan, which is formally known as ''The Republic of China",  is an island nation off the coast of mainland China. It was once a province of China, but the Nationalist Chinese government fled there after losing the Chinese civil war to the Communists in the late 1940's.

While it still considers itself the legitimate government of China, the United States recognizes the "People's Republic of China" which controls mainland China, as the official Chinese government.

Murray's trip was paid for by the Taiwanese government.