City officials were advised on options for Casper's Municipal Golf course Tuesday and the results of the feasibility study may have disappointed some.

Is it the role of government to provide affordable recreation? That was a question posed to Casper city council  by consultant J. J. McKeegan of Golf Convergence as he delivered  results of the feasibility study.

The Muni operates in the red and some city officials have proposed revamping the course in hopes it might pull the operation toward sustainability.

McKeegan suggests Casper is over supplied with golf course options. That was just one of a litany of problems that, he says need addressing for the course to become viable.

For the dedicated user the price of the Muni is hard to beat. Casper's season ticket costs about half the national average.

Shuffling the numbers, McKeegan says, a proposed sale of eight  acres to the school district would help cover the cost of some much needed improvements, but he says its unlikely the investment would ever be recouped.

The possibility that Three Crowns Gold Course might some day fall to city management came up and there was talk of consolidating and bringing a softer, more affordable element to that new larger course.

The study is available for viewing in the work session packet at the city website. At this point, city official were left to mull over the options and no action was taken.