A former Casper Area Chamber of Commerce director has announced that she will run for a Casper City Council seat this November.

During a Friday morning press conference, Robin Mundell formally announced that she will run for a Ward I seat that will be vacated by Keith Goodenough after his current term ends later this year.

“This is my application for one of the most important jobs of my life,” Mundell said. “To this position, I bring proven leadership, accountability, a conservative fiscal position and a vision.”

Mundell also says she possesses the ability to guide council in the right direction.

“Good leadership is based on trust and a confidence that inspires people,” Mundell said. “Leadership is not simple, and it doesn’t happen overnight, but it can happen with leaders with a common vision.”

“It is time for council to show leadership,” Mundell said.

Goodenough, a former state senator, was elected to council in 2006. He says, despite not running for council again, he does have other political aspirations that he intends to formally announce later this month.

“Eight years on the council, and I’ve decided that somebody else can take my place and help city government move ahead,” Goodenough said.

Goodenough also said that he’s happy that somebody else is expressing an early interest in his seat.

Mundell helped establish the Casper Youth Crisis Center. She also served as the city of Casper's housing and community development manager until her retirement in 2011.

Ward I is currently served by Goodenough, Bob Hopkins and Daniel Sandoval. Both Hopkins and Sandoval have terms that end in 2016.