The Bureau of Land Management, Casper Field Office, closed Muddy Mountain Road Friday, November 26th. The road leads to the Muddy Mountain Education Area campgrounds and trails, but the BLM closes the road during the winter because the road becomes unsafe.

Gate locked Friday:

Text: "We are going to close Muddy Mountain on Friday, November 26th, for the winter, and I guess there's six to eight inches of snow on there so our ranger's going to go up there on Friday and lock the gate."

Leslie Collins, spokeswoman for the BLM Casper Office, says it's a bad idea to defeat the gate because you'll probably get stuck out there. The BLM reopens the road in the spring when road conditions improve.

Gate opens in the spring:

Text: "We usually open it again around June 1st, and we'll send out another press release and let people know when it opens again."