Likely bolstered by the Sheep Herder Hill Fire, sentiments on Casper City Council Tuesday led to an unofficial vote in support of giving Casper Mountain Fire District $140,000 in matching funds for a new tender-pumper truck.

The fire district was denied its first request earlier in the summer by the Natrona County Commission whose coffers are bare.

Some council members questioned why the city should meet the cost, but Wildland Captain, Scott Warren says not only are many cabin owners on the mountain from the city, but the city holds or shares many valuable assets there.

"There's Hogadon. There's tons of property up there that the city owns. There's towers for the emergency system, our radio communications. There's just tons of assets up there."

Warren says fighting the most recent fire revealed inadequacy in the district's ability to supply water to their newest piece of firefighting equipment. The proposed new tender-pumper would carry 1800 gallons of water down narrow mountain roads and offer increased firefighter safety.

The matching funds will be part of an application to the State Lands and Investment Board this February.