More than a hundred people showed up to Crossroads Park on Sunday to donate their time, energy, and money to the Grogan family of Casper and the Ronald McDonald House in Denver. Kellan Grogan was born with numerous health difficulties, so much so that he and his mother Sommer had to be life-lighted to Denver to deal with those issues. Kellan is fine now. He's a smiling, laughing, intelligent little boy with the light of the world in his eyes. Unfortunately, the costs that were built up were enormous, and the Grogan family wasn't quite sure how everything would be paid.

Enter the Natrona County High School National Honor Society. The NC Honor Society decided to put together a 5k walk to help earn money for the Grogans and for the Ronald McDonald house, which is where they stayed during their time in Denver. Numerous people of all ages showed up to the park at the crack of dawn(ok really, it was 8:00 am, but for this writer, it was the crack of dawn) to support Kellan and the Ronald McDonald house. There was fun, laughter, some tears, and of course, lots and lots of walking.

The walking paid off though, as more than $6,000 was raised in little more than two hours- half of which goes to the Grogans, and the other half goes to The House. Casper citizens have always been great about helping each other out in tough situations, and today was no exception. Thanks Casper!