Nearly a dozen defendants in a heroin conspiracy case that resulted in the death of a man have been sentenced, according to federal court records.

A federal grand jury indicted 12 men and women in July

The indictment stated they conspired from July 2010 to July 2014 to possess with the intent to distribute more than 1 kilogram, or 2.2 pounds, of a substance containing heroin that caused a death.

Joseph W. Phillips died as a result of their conspiracy on Jan. 28, 2014, according to the indictment.

The indictment did not state the residences of the defendants or the deceased.

All the defendants were detained because they were charged with serious drug offenses punishable by long prison terms, they posed significant flight risks, and to safeguard other persons and the community.

The first filing occurred on July 1, when a warrant was issued for lead defendant Wayne Bailey. On July 18, U.S. Magistrate Judge Kelly Rankin ordered Bailey held without bond because he would be a risk to others and he has been a daily heroin user for four years and a weekly cocaine user for two years.

Another defendant, Isaac “Trey” Johnson, was arrested in Utah and the case was transferred to Wyoming.

From September through November, all the defendants entered guilty pleas during hearings held by Chief U.S. District Court Judge Nancy Freudenthal in Cheyenne.Sentencings began in December. These are the defendants and their prison sentences:

  • Wayne Bailey -- 97 months.
  • Isaac "Trey" Johnson -- 87 months.
  • Kara Harper -- 72 months.
  • Jessica Fife -- 72 months.
  • Skyeler I. French -- 87 months.
  • Andrew J. Ebert -- 70 months.
  • Erik M. Styles -- 37 months.
  • Cameron Morris -- 15 months.
  • Heather L Fletcher -- 37 months.
  • Erica J. Ganino -- 60 months.
  • Darren Olsen -- 41 months. 

Ryon Rudy James Herbst pleaded guilty on Nov. 11. His sentencing is set for Feb. 10.