Morman Canyon Road in Converse County will see some major improvements assuming Wasatch Wind, out of Utah, has their wind farm construction permits upheld by the Wyoming Supreme Court.

Two 31 turbine wind projects, dubbed the Pioneer Wind Parks I & II, are proposed for the top of the mountain south of Glenrock. Transporting turbine parts is the principal reason for the road upgrade and Wasatch wind will pay for it. The majority of the road intersects private property. Converse county is requesting a right-of-way expansion from the Bureau of Land Management for a 900 foot stretch that crosses public land.

"They do have a right of way under an old, old, 1870s vintage statute, but that right of way is only 60 feet wide, and in order to widen out the road to meet their needs, they need to go about 105 feet wide on some sections."

Randy Sorenson, for the BLM says they're taking public comment on the request now through October 26th.

Comments must be written and submitted to the BLM Casper Field Office at 2987 Prospector Drive, Casper, WY 82604.  Comments received after this date may not be considered in processing the application.

Comments may also be submitted electronically to:<>. Questions about the proposal can be directed to Randy Sorenson at (307) 261-7522 or the above email address.