The weather pattern will not change too much over the next several days.  High pressure will be overhead and within that ridge will be moisture coming in from the west and southwest.  This will create daily chances for showers and thunderstorms today through Sunday.

As far as shower and thunderstorm activity goes, what will be different is the amount of thunderstorms the state sees each day and where exactly they form and then move to.  For today, thunderstorms will be most numerous in the west and in the mountains.  Some western locations could see heavy rain at times.  While further east, thunderstorms will be scattered at best.  On Saturday, the brunt of the thunderstorms will be in the west and south, with isolated thunderstorms elsewhere.  Then on Sunday the thunderstorm activity starts to diminish a bit, but there will still be some in the south.

As far as temperatures are concerned, they will be seasonal for this time of the year.  Daytime highs will be mainly in the upper 70s and 80s, with a few lower 90s in the southeast.   Temperatures will cool into the 40s and 50s overnight.