Construction on a bypass trail through Morad Park should start this spring.

The Platte River Parkway Trust recently selected a contractor, Knife River Inc. to construct the pathway. Parkway Trust Executive Director, Angela Emery, says the completed project should alleviate pathway congestion.

"Because you have the parking lot, you have the boat launch, you have traffic coming from the west and from the east. So, this project came about as a way to mitigate that congestion by the river and provide a loop through the park."

The new option for passing through Morad, will loop around the park along the bank on the east and south side. Emery says the estimated month long construction shouldn't cause much interference with continued use of the area.

She says, long term, they want to add a spur off the pathway that would allow pedestrians or bicyclists to access retail and residential areas on the south side of CY Ave.

The city authorized funding this week through, principally, a Wyoming Department of Transportation Teal Grant, with one cent funds making up the difference. Cost of the project comes in just under $290,000.