Money management experts advise making a list and a spending plan if you want to get through holiday shopping without breaking the bank ...And you may want to pare it down a bit says, Barbara ONeill, a financial resource management expert at Rutgers University. "So maybe, like a one-gift-per-person-limit kind of thing, or maybe, if money is really tight, in stead of buying for everybody, you pull a name out of a hat or you have a Secret Santa and you choose one person and you buy a gift for that person instead of having to buy for 10 people."

ONeill also advises that before you shop you do the research and find the best prices and bargains.

"A lot of people, of course, are doing that online these days; Going to the company website, doing the research. Of course you get a newspaper and you get the inserts and the ads from the newspaper as well. So you process this information."

Then, ONeill says, it's time to shop.