Replacing Casper's aging swimming pools was a topic at Tuesday's Casper city council work session.

Built in 1964, Mike Sedar pool is identified as a priority, in part, because of its surround that would allow for plenty of parking and area expansion and also because of a critical need to replace the liner.

City Leisure Services Director, Doug Follick says there are two designs proposed depending on available funds.

"What we're looking at is between a 2800 and 3500 square foot pool for $1.3 million. If we get an additional million dollars, IF, $2.3 million is a 5000 to 5500 square foot pool."

That extra million could come out of an agreement with the school district, once future plans for the East Casper Community Pool are decided. The smaller $1.3 million proposal would come from one cent funds. Formal allocation requires public hearing. Follick says that amount would create a zero to five foot pool with features, but would decrease capacity from 247 to 180.

Pool reconstruction could start next spring and be ready for a 2014 reopening.