Don't let the headline fool you... he's a normal sized guy, but he is the largest landowner in America with a little more than 2.2 million acres of land, meet multi-billionaire John Malone.

John Malone, the Chairman of Liberty Media Corporation, became the largest landowner in America when he purchased more than a million acres of Maine woodlands.  That put his buddy Ted Turner in the number two spot.  Malone owns enough woodland, ranchland, and cropland to equal three times the size of the state of Rhode Island. (Technically Queen Elizabeth II is the largest landowner in the world... because of Australia, Canada, etc...)

According to a great write-up at Yahoo News, Malone made his first really big land purchase in 1999 with the 80,000 Acre "Silver Spur Ranch" in Saratoga Wyoming.  That set him off on a land buying frenzy, but it wasn't until he toured some of his long time buddy Ted Turner's holdings that the land bug really got him.


I would just like to say to Mr. Malone...

Sir, I know a great place in the lesser Antilles of the Caribbean on the island of St. Lucia that you should consider.  It over looks a beach that sea turtles have used for many hundreds of generations, and the cattle industry is making a comeback in the Caribbean. Yes sir, I would LOVE to manage it for you. It pay's how much? That would be awesome.  Thank you Mr. Malone.  When would you like for me to start?"

Yep... that's what I would like to say.