Governors-to-be were in Washington D.C. last week meeting with the President and various Federal Officials.

Wyoming's Governor-elect,  Matt Mead,  says it was a good opportunity to meet and learn.

President Obama asked to hear what the soon-to-be Governors felt were the issues that Washington needs to be thinking about.  Mead says he grabbed the chance to make a comment and suggestion regarding the energy industry.

"What I said is that with the increased rules and regulations, the Endangered Species Act,  to others through the Environmental Protection Agency,  that ultimately if you make it harder and harder to produce energy the technology is going to lag further and further behind.  People talk about some of the efficiencies of the coal fired plants,  for example in China,  well, they're putting up a lot more coal fired plants than we can in this country.  And, my suggestion to him was, that the only way that we're gonna continue to make advances in technology is for the energy sector to continue to view it as a profitable endeavor to produce energy; Its not going to be done in a vacuum.  And the importance of that is that it trickles down to everything."

Mead goes so far as to suggest that the issue is one of human rights,  in that it effects the individuals at poverty,  or below poverty level,  when prices for everything go up.