Governor Matt Mead is deploying more than 100 Wyoming National Guard Soldiers to help communities that need help because of spring flooding.

Mead says the state is spending $70,000 to create five teams of 23 soldiers each that will be available next week.  "I'm sending the guard out before an actual emergency declaration.  If we can do some preventative measures before hand we may be ahead of the game in terms of our ability to protect some property. That's the reason that we're doing it. Obviously there's some expense attached to it, but there's expense in not being as prepared as possible."

He says Carbon, Fremont, and Lincoln counties have already requested guard help and troops will arrive Tuesday.

Mead says the state is trying to be proactive about anticipated flooding from a melting snowpack, which could begin in earnest next Wednesday.  The mountain snowpack in Wyoming is well above normal.

The National Weather Service says a new storm system will hit the state Sunday and Monday. Preliminary estimates show it could drop another foot or more of snow in Wyoming's western and central mountains.