Does it make money sense to renovate and rejuvenate existing structures?  Or, does it make sense to build and expand the City’s borders? Or, does it make sense to find the right combination for new development and redevelopment?   These questions are important issues to consider as Casper is growing its boundaries and there is a keen interest in the redevelopment of the downtown area.  Mr. Joe Minicozzi, AICP, a consultant of the real estate developer Public Interest Projects is going to present the “mathematics” of new development and redevelopment.   His presentation is a complimentary effort to the overall strategic planning efforts for the downtown area.  As a part of the process,  Joe has been in contact with Crandall Arambula,  the chief consultants who are working  with the City, downtown merchants, and other key stakeholders with interests in the downtown area.

The questions have been asked, where does Casper go from here – what kind of investment should be made in the downtown and Old Yellowstone District areas?  What do we want our central core to look like?  What amenities should be available?  How does mixed use work and is it for Casper’s downtown areas?   Mr. Minicozzi will augment the current planning efforts by contributing financial information that facilitates financial decisions on mixed use, redevelopment, and/or new development.

The meeting is at City Hall, 200 North David Street, in Council Chambers at 6:30 PM on Thursday, April 26. Mr. Minicozzi is sponsored by the Downtown Development Authority, the City of Casper, Old Yellowstone District, Casper Area Economic Development Alliance (CAEDA), First Interstate Bank, Ide Land and Leasing, Hilltop National Bank, Jonah Bank, Kirkwood Oil and Gas and the Sonoran Institute.  Please call Renee Penton-Jones at the Downtown Development Authority (236-6710) with questions.