A man who slashed his girlfriend's throat was sentenced today in Natrona County District Court.
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34-year-old Steven Monroe was sentenced to 38-50 years in prison for felony aggravated assault.

According to police documents, the incident happened on February 17th outside of Common Cents Convenient store in Casper. Monroe and his girlfriend were traveling from Riverton to North Dakota when they pulled over. The victim said that an argument ensued and Monroe cut her neck with a folding knife, leaving what authorities said was a large three to four inch laceration. Monroe also stabbed her in the arm and twice in her stomach.

The victim was rushed to the Wyoming Medical Center for emergency surgery. Medical staff said that knife barely missed her jugular vein and trachea. She has since been released.

According to the police investigation, on the way to Casper, Monroe and his girlfriend had purchased a half a gallon of whiskey. Monroe told police that he was too intoxicated to remember the stabbing incident. He also admitted to hitting the victim in the past.

In handcuffs and an orange jumpsuit, Monroe cried during much of the sentencing.

He was previously convicted of two other felonies- manslaughter and aggravated assault.

At the sentencing, District Attorney Michael Blonigen stated that a hefty sentence was necessary in this case because if not, there would be a "homicide waiting to happen."