A man accused of trying to pay a female cab driver for sex pleaded guilty in Circuit Court in Casper Thursday. Ever Molina-Zamora, 41, pleaded guilty to soliciting prostitution and theft of services, both misdemeanors that carry a maximum penalty of six months in jail and or a 750-dollar fine.

Molina-Zamora, a citizen of Mexico, talked to Circuit Court Judge Michael Huber through a Spanish speaking translator identified in open court as Alberta Giraldo (hih'raldo).

While Judge Huber was making sure Molina-Zamora understood the rights he would lose by pleading guilty, the translator said that Molina-Zamora was actually asking the woman cab driver to take him to a strip club. The translator also testified that Molina-Zamora said he was very drunk at the time and had a drinking problem.

Also through the translator, Molina-Zamora said he had family in Oklahoma but that they didn't like him because he was a drunk.

Judge Huber accepted the guilty pleas and sentenced Molina-Zamora to 10 days in jail.