A Casper man accused of starting a fire that caused a small explosion has entered a plea in the case.

Skye Willow made was arraigned in a Casper District Courtroom before Judge Thomas Sullins on Thursday afternoon.  Sullins read the charges facing Willow as being 3rd Degree Arson and Burglary, in this case the burglary charge being defined as entering a structure with intent to commit 3rd degree arson.

Willow pleaded "not guilty" to both charges.

Casper police say that Skye Willow was arrested after witnesses reported seeing Willow fleeing the area following a small explosion that happened in the entryway of a home in Central Casper.

Investigators believe the small explosion and fire was caused by Willow lighting a box on fire and opening the valves of oxygen tanks that were in that box.

Willow is currently being held on $25,000 bond.  Judge Sullins continued the bond, saying that, given Willow's short residence in Casper and a record with at least two failures to comply, he felt the bond appropriate.