Sweetwater County Sheriff's Department

A man went to jail on Halloween when witnesses said he repeatedly rear-ended the vehicle in front of him at a restaurant drive-through in Green River, according to Dick Blust of the Sweetwater County Sheriff's Department.

Jeffrey Craig Oneida, 56, is charged with DUI (4th offense), reckless driving, interference with a peace officer, and DUS.

Blust says that at about 5:30 PM on Saturday, Nathaniel Lobao of Rock Springs told officers of the Green River Police Department that he, along with a friend and her three children, were ordering food at the McDonald’s drive-through when the driver in the vehicle behind him began honking his horn. Lobao told officers he ignored the honking and continued placing his order. He went on to say that the driver of the vehicle behind him, later identified as Jeffrey Oneida, then rear-ended his vehicle and went on to do so several more times.

Officer Chris Sutton of the Rock Springs Police Department, who was off-duty and happened to be at the scene, interceded and prevented any further damage, according to Lobao.

Deputy Sheriff Scott Morris and Corporal Jeff Sheaman of the Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office also responded to reports of the incident and arrested Oneida after a brief scuffle.

Once Oneida was in custody, Green River officers conducted the on-scene crash investigation.

Circuit Court Judge John Prokos set Oneida’s bond at $5,000, cash only. At last report, he remained in custody at the Sweetwater County jail.