Wyoming Congresswoman, Cynthia Lummis, wants to limit the use of drones for surveillance within the United States.

Lummis is one of 22 lawmakers who introduced a bill last week that would require a warrant before unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, could be used by law enforcement for surveillance.

"I support the use of drones by our military and our border patrol, but along with others, I oppose the use of drones for agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency to use them to monitor landowner compliance with environmental laws and other unauthorized uses."

The bill would also bar federal agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency from using evidence collected by drones in administrative hearings.

According to the Associated Press drones have been used to spy on and hunt down al-Qaida terrorists in Pakistan. Earlier this year, Congress, under pressure from the U.S. Department of Defense and manufacturers, ordered the FAA to give drones greater access to civilian airspace by 2015.

Some drones weigh just a few pounds and can fit in a person's hands.