The U.S imports 90% of the uranium that it consumes in its 104 nuclear power plants, so we have every reason to want to protect our domestic uranium supply; that from Wyoming's Congresswoman Cynthia Lummis in a interview with Fox News.

Lummis was questioned on mounting concerns about the future of the uranium industry in Wyoming and nuclear power in the country. Lummis says she's concerned the events in Japan will lead to a chicken little syndrome response.

"rather than going and inventorying all our plants, seeing how they're configured and how it compares to Japan, learning from the Japanese experience, and going forward with an all-of-the above energy strategy that includes nuclear, that's the approach we should be taking. Not the approach of the sky is falling."

Lummis fears those opposed to nuclear energy will use the Japanese crisis as an excuse to slow down or stop the industry's growth in our country .

"but in fact we should be moving forward -- just being extremely cautious in doing so."

The Congress woman hopes to hear from the president; that he intends to continue forward with an all-of-the above energy policy for the United States and that we're not going to allow this type of an incident to prevent us from moving forward. Rather that we use it as a means to reassess the safety and integrity of our nuclear power.