A bill that would make changes to Wyoming's education accountability law passed second reading in the house. Representative Matt Teeters (HD-5),chairman of the house Education Committee,says the changes are needed in light of the new structure of the department of education.

what happened in the original house bill 72 we shifted a lot of responsibilities to the state board of education....

A bill that would limit what a candidate can do with excess campaign funds has passed the house.The bill's sponsor, House Majority Whip, Representative Tim Stubson, (HD-56)says Wyoming doesn't have anything in statute to prohibit the private use of those funds.

currently in law there is absolutely no restriction on how candidates can used leftover campaign funds...

Lawmakers begin work on the supplemental budget, a process that will go on all week. Faced with projections for essentially flat revenues over the next few years,Wyoming House Speaker Representative Tom Lubnau (HD-31), says he anticipates lawmakers coming out with a very conservative budget.

well, you know we're not consistently the best or second best managed state in the country by accident....

House Minority Floor Leader,Cheyenne Representative Mary Throne, says she's not so sure about the message lawmakers have been hearing about the budget.

 my goal is to make sure we don't starve the general fund...

Lawmakers will continue committee of the whole on the budget on Tuesday and then second reading on Wednesday, third and final reading on Friday. Representative Lubnau says he is anticipating between 40 and 70 amendments.

Finally, the lottery bill passed the house on a 31-28 vote Monday. That bill now goes to the Senate for consideration. Monday was the deadline for bills to be heard on committee of the whole in the house of origin, otherwise they are dead for the session.

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