Casper has lost its minor league baseball team, but has it lost more then that?

Baseball fans in the Casper area may have to find something else to do next summer, now that the Casper Ghosts won't be around to play games at Mike Lansing Field.

Besides the home base fans, there were a number of other Wyoming and out of state visitors that sometimes came to Casper to take in a game.

Aaron McCreight with the Casper Area Convention and Visitors Bureau says losing the team will probably hurt the locals, but as far as summer tourism numbers are concerned, the loss of the Ghosts will not have much effect.

McCreight: "As far as direct people that are coming here to spend the night as leisure guests, that are coming specifically for the Ghosts, I don't think it's a big enough number to measure. It was a great asset to have for guests that were already coming here or that were already here."

When it comes to promoting Casper and Natrona County next summer, McCreight says there will be very little change in the bureau's strategy.

McCreight: "We promote ourselves as the adventure capital of Wyoming and that doesn't change. The river is still here, the mountain is still here, Alcova and Pathfinder are still here, the shopping the dining, the hotel options, we still have all of those things. Golf and fishing and hiking and biking. Everything that you can do in town remains, so we certainly will continue to promote ourselves that way."

Just because the Ghosts are gone, that does not mean there can not be anymore baseball in Casper.

McCreight: "The venue is still there as we go out and try to promote baseball tournaments. The venue didn't leave with the team, so from our aspect, as long as the venue is still there, we're still going to promote it."

Casper is scheduled to host the 2012 American Legion Baseball State tournament in July at Mike Lansing Field.