State Legislators from local districts along with their counterparts in city and county government had breakfast together Tuesday.  The time together let concerns be known as the next legislative session approaches.  At the top of City and County wish lists is predictable City  funding.

But, Bunky Loucks,  Representative-Elect for House District 59 says creating a more reliable funding model is difficult for both side.

" I mean the states revenues  fluctuate too, because we totally depend on  oil revenues and  that goes up and down.  I think everybody here is committed to trying to do whatever they can to stabilize the model for municipalities."

Loucks replaces Mike Gilmore as Representative of House district 59.

The Mayor of Barr Nunn, Jerry Petty, has been attending these legislative breakfasts for the last 12 years and he says the relationships are strong and the time is  well spent.  Petty says his community is growing and has growing needs.  " Being the fastest growing community in Wyoming we have some needs that we need to meet, and the only way we have to meet those needs is to get the money.  If they're not willing to give it to us,  so be it, but it never hurts to ask."

Another topic of interest, especially for Casper,  was a request for more Bar and Grill licenses.  Casper City Manager, Tom Forslund, says business is being turned away for lack them.

Other legislative requested presented include;

Legislation that would allow the City or County to join the State's Health Insurance pool.

Legislation cracking down on DUI drivers,  and legislation that controls the amount of interest charged by payday lenders.

The General session of the Wyoming State Legislature starts on January 11th.