Police respond to a convenience store hold-up alarm early Monday morning.

Shortly after twelve A.M. on Monday, The Center Street Loaf N Jug was the scene of a lovers' quarrel that ended with property damage and assault charges for a Casper man.

An intoxicated twenty-four-year-old, Miguel Martinez, is accused of damaging store property and assaulting Peter Roberto, who was the on duty clerk.

According to affidavit, Roberto, who referred to Martinez as his "girlfriend", had ended their relationship earlier in the night.

Martinez allegedly became violent when he confronted Roberto at work, destroying merchandise and attacking Roberto as he tried to clean up the mess.

Roberto threatened to call the police if Martinez would not leave to which Martinez responded, "Call the police, I'm not scared of them,"

Roberto then pushed the silent alarm button when Martinez pulled the cord out of the phone.

Officers arrested Martinez at the scene and transported him to the Natrona County Detention Center without further incident