Is your worksite making you healthier? With birthday cakes, doughnuts, homemade goodies, and vending machines, for many the company break room is the dungeon of doom when it comes to promoting good health. You can be the change agent by harnessing peer pressure to discourage emphasis on sweet treats.

Devote a staff meeting to help identify solutions or bring in a registered dietitian to help. Consider

• Preferred snacks in the break room

• 5 minutes breakfast ideas

• Good-for-you lunches

• Solve the question of: What’s for dinner?

Or you may want to coordinate a staff recipe share. Is there a water fountain or cooler nearby? This simple step really encourages drinking more water. Finally, take the stairs or take meetings on foot – walk while you talk or at least walk to your colleagues office rather than emailing. Small changes can snowball into BIG results. And if you still want root beer float days, then downsize the cup or consider subbing in frozen yogurt and berries.

This is Judy Barbe helping you live best.