Proponents of new library construction for Natrona County are making progess on getting municipalities to support a ballot initiative that would ask voters if they would  approve an additional penny tax for the county.

Four of the six Natrona County Municipalities need to say yes for the question to appear on the ballot.

Library Director, Bill Nelson says, Tuesday night both Casper and Barr Nunn city councils gave their approval.

"So two of the six municipalities have given a thumbs up and we need two additional. The Board of Trustees is on the schedule for the other town councils in the next week or two."

The ballot measure would ask voters if they support the implementation of a special purpose penny tax to cover the estimated $25.2 million dollars needed for construction, plus another $4.5 million in operational start up funds.

Library and county officials predict a penny tax could raise that amount within two years at which time the tax would end.