A Casper man has been charged after he tried to sell some stolen historic items.

22-year old Lennace Miller is facing a charge of accessory after the fact to aggravated burglary.

According to a Casper Police affidavit, back in early October Bruce Berst, who is a historian and re-enacter, reported to police that a number of historical antique guns and other items had been stolen from his collection.

During the investigation, one person told officers that Miller had tried to sell him some guns.

Another person told police that he over-heard Miller and someone else talk about an energy drink bottle that had been opened, partially consumed and then left behind at the scene of the crime.

Police collected a swab from the bottle as well as finger-prints from a garage door opener that had been tampered with, so that the door could be opened manually.

Authorities have not charged anyone else in connection to the burglary, but say the matter remains under investigation.

Miller is being held at the Natrona County Detention Center on $25,000 bond.