Officials with Casper Leisure Services are asking Casper City Council for funds to replace a Casper Municipal Golf Course maintenance facility that has fallen into disrepair.

Council members toured the roughly 60-year-old facility at the golf course during a work session Monday afternoon.

Leisure services director Doug Follick says there’s a critical need for a new facility.

“Obviously, it was built to code in the ‘50s, but a lot of things have changed and materials have changed,” Follick said. “We try to maintain all of our buildings, but the craftsmanship is not there – it’s old and it’s tired, it needs to be put to rest.”

Follick says the proposed new facility will meet several needs that the current facility cannot meet.

“It’ll be insulated, it’ll have a couple of offices, and it’ll a lift for the mechanic – the current building doesn’t have a lift,” Follick said. “Some of the equipment is wider than the door, so our mechanics are outside working on the ground instead of in a shop.”

Casper Municipal Golf Course officials are asking for $1.3 million to construct the new facility. If funding is approved, Follick says construction may begin as early as this fall.