The women's conference, Leap into Leadership,  last week in Cheyenne, was part of an initiative by the Wyoming Women's Legislative Caucus to provide pathways for women into politics.

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The Equipoise fund is a founding partner in the Women's leadership conference known as Leap into Leadership. Mickey Babcock is founder and director of the Equipoise fund.

"The time clearly is here for women to advance in a variety of different roles across the state. The next question is, How? What's the next step, who takes the lead, how does it happen?"

Babcock says the women's bipartisan Legislative Caucus has taken on the mission of helping women step up.  She notes that in other states women's caucuses focus on  policy initiatives, but she says here in Wyoming, since the groups inception four years ago, steps have been tentative.

"I think there's been some history in the past where perhaps some men have been threatened by the presence, the prominence and maybe the leadership of women."

She suggests caucus founders have moved carefully to ensure the groups acceptance.

"What has served this group well has been to be moderately bold as they move forward achieve goals and then to show others in leadership in the legislature that this is a very energetic and worthwhile group."

Leap into Leadership was again in   this its fourth year filled to capacity. Around 200 women attended  workshops that laid out how to advance a campaign, how to recognize their skills and enhance the strengths needed to be active in Wyoming politics at all levels.