Laramie County School District#1 Superintendent  Mark Stock says preliminary enrollment figures for this fall are showing a significant increase compared to this time last year.

Stock says enrollment among elementary school students in the district is up by about 251 students. He says it's more difficult to determine the enrollment at the high school level, because secondary school students have a 10 day ''drop period', meaning those figures tend to change over time. But he says district officials believe those totals will be up as well.

Stock says overall he expects district enrollment to be up by ''a few hundred'' students, roughly in line with the one percent annual increase district officials were predicting for this fall.

To cope with the increase in students, Stock says the district has 11 portable classrooms available, 9 of which will be used for direct classsroom instruction. The superintendent also says the district is utilizing all  available space to meet the demands of increased enrollment.