Laramie County Community College (LCCC) students transferring to the University of Wyoming (UW) can now count more of their community college courses toward their bachelor's degrees.

LCCC and UW signed a new articulation agreement Monday afternoon, making it easier for students in the general education program at LCCC to transfer their credits to UW.

"Many students come to LCCC just for their general education courses before transferring, and they will see the most benefit," said LCCC President Dr. Joe Schaffer. "Because of our close proximity to UW, we have students who transfer early with just their general education. Historically, though, when they transferred, if they didn't have the 60-plus credit associate degree, they couldn't demonstrate they met the UW university studies program, making them susceptible to the requirement of retaking general education courses."

Schaffer says the innovative "1=1 articulation" will fix that gap, while also giving students a recognizable "completion" to celebrate and take with them to UW.

"The students who come to UW from LCCC generally are well prepared to succeed in their studies toward bachelor's degrees," said UW President Dr. Dick McGinity. "We're delighted that our collaborations with LCCC are making possible a smoother transition for these strong transfer students."