The senate Judiciary Committee voted 4 to 1 to advance a bill that would ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. The bill now goes to the full senate for debate. A bill that would make assaulting a health care worker a felony has passed the senate. Cheyenne Senator Leslie Nutting (SD-7) says these workers need the added protection.

it does happen here, it's a major problem here....

Two bills that would allow up to two members of the University of Wyoming Board of Trustees to be out of state residents have passed the senate.Laramie Senator Chris Rothfuss (SD-9) says the move would be good for the university.

we have a lot of people who graduate from the university of Wyoming...who leave Wyoming and they are ineligible to be a trustee.

A bill that would expand the Hathaway Success Curriculum to address students who take Fine and Performing Arts and Career and Technical fields, has passed the house and now heads to the senate. Representative Sam Krone (HD-24) explains.

 right now the scholarship does not allow those students to have the same opportunities...

Several gun bills received initial approval in the house today including a bill that would make it a felony to carry a concealed weapon into a courtroom, with the exception of the judge and other authorized persons. A bill that would allow the state to preempt local regulations of firearms also passed committee of the whole as did the Firearms Protection Act which says proposed federal restrictions on the assault weapons and high-capacity magazines would be unenforceable in Wyoming.

The lottery bill has been sent to the full house. Cheyenne Representative Jim Byrd (HD-44) explains why he supports the bill.

 that's a concern to me that that kind of money is going 8 miles south....

Friday is the final day for bills to be reported out of committee in the house of origin and Monday is the deadline for bills to be heard in Committee of the Whole in the house of origin.

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