A number of Wyoming World War 2 Veterans are getting 1 last chance to visit a piece of their history, for the first time.

Several dozen WWII veterans from Wyoming will be visiting the WWII Memorial in Washington D.C. later this week.

The Memorial has only been around since 2004, and with many of the WWII vets getting older, veterans like Don Anderson say there are not many opportunities left, to see how he and his companions are being honored and remembered.

Don Anderson: "I think the Memorial is the greatest thing that could've happened to WWII veterans, because it took so long for them to be recognized for a Memorial...whereas so many others have already had their memorials, before we got ours, so I'm anxious to see it."

And for Pete Anderson, it's a chance to meet up with the guys that are still around, as well as remember those that have passed on.

Pete Anderson: "Just to meet the guys and see and kind of re-hash some of those stories that we never were able to talk about before."

Another war veteran...Leonard Robinson...is not going on this trip, but he's visited the Memorial before, and he says those that are going to see it for the first time, are in for quite a treat.

Leonard Robinson: "It's amazing. The architecture of it, is a great architecture. Whoever the architects behind it, did a tremendous job of planning of the entrances at the north and south and all of the columns and things like that. It was so well planned, that you can understand the work, that went into the preparation of it."

The trip is being sponsored by Honor Flight Wyoming, which is taking its final group of veterans to Washington D.C. to visit the memorial.

Those that are going will fly out via chartered aircraft from Cheyenne on Tuesday (October 11th), and return to Wyoming on Thursday.

Including this week's flight, Honor Flight Wyoming has taken 600 Wyoming Vets to the WWII Memorial.