Knight Hall is one of those "Wonders within a Wonder". The University of Wyoming is home to this spectacular sandstone structure, located in Laramie, Wyoming, on Ivinson Avenue. Knight Hall's western half was completed in 1941, the eastern half in 1946, and was named for Emma Howell Knight, the mother of famed geology professor Samuel Knight. Emma Knight served at UW as the Dean of Women from 1911-1921. And for more than 30 years, Knight Hall would serve as women's housing at UW.

Construction of Knight Hall, in 1940, was halted briefly when it was discovered that the land it was built on was the sight of an old cemetery. After those bodies were re-buried in nearby Greenhill Cemetery, the project continued and Knight Hall officially opened in the spring of 1941. Knight Hall would originally house over 1,200 young ladies in its 70 rooms. Early on, during the World War II years, Knight Hall took-in additional residents from nearby Hoyt Hall so U.S. Army soldiers could be housed as they took special training in Laramie. Knight Hall was expanded through funds appropriated by the Wyoming Legislature and would provide a total of 120 rooms.

Knight Hall was converted into administrative offices in 1972. And the basement of Knight Hall's west end is where Wyoming Public Radio is located.