Brian Scott is ready to announce the winner of the "K2 Mom of the Year" contest, except for one small problem, we don't know who the winner is! After collecting submissions for the last week, we are ready to put it to a public vote. Remember, the winner gets an elegant Mother’s Day brunch for 4 at the Petroleum Club and you get 2500 Fan Club points - just for voting! So, who do you think should be dubbed "K2 Mom of the Year?"


Mom had to raise four of us kids here in good ole Casper, by herself. She started out at $1.75 an hour. She ended up starting her own business and all 4 of us stayed in Casper with good jobs. She instilled in us Christian values, family, honesty and hard work. She never remarried and to this day her kids are her prority in life. This Mom deserves any award given as she is the true definition of Mom. Mom we love you! And thanks for all you have done and given. (Submitted by Larry K.)


My (late) mom was the best mom you could have. I remember back to when we would go to mothers day brunch at the downtown Petroleum Club. Mom would always wear her new Easter Hat to church (First Methodist Downtown) and then we would go to brunch at the Petroleum Club. Love Sandy and the new Club on the hill and would like to take my wife (mom to the kids)to Brunch Mother's Day. (Submitted by Bruce N.)


My mom is the k2 mom of the year because even after my brother died my mom took care of us with her full ability. Now shes a full time student and still manages too cook dinner everynight and get all of her homework. I think my mom deserves too be K2 mom of the year and have a break! (Submitted by Vanessa R.)