A Natrona County man has admitted to having sexual contact with a underaged girl.

Julio Sambrano has pleaded guilty to one charge of third degree sexual abuse of a minor.

Investigators with the Natrona County Sheriff's Office say in April 2015, Sambrano told the then 16-year old victim, that he said he could get her marijuana, and then later took her to several places around Casper and had sexual contact with her.

The victim said she did not want to have to contact.

When interviewed, Sambrano said the victim initiated the contact, and knew it was inappropriate, but went along with it, because he felt he had been backed into a corner, regarding the marijuana and the sexual contact.

Investigators were unable to recover any physical evidence from the sexual assaults.

As part of a plea deal, prosecutors will not seek any prison time for Sambrano, but will argue for a term of probation.

He is free on $15,000 bond and will be sentenced at a later date.