WHEATLAND, Wyo. (AP) — A Wheatland man accused of killing his three sons and his brother in a 2011 shooting rampage continues to undergo mental evaluation at the Wyoming State Hospital.

Judge John Brooks of Douglas granted a request from the state hospital in Evanston on Wednesday for an additional 90 days to evaluate whether Everett Conant III is competent to stand trial.

Conant has pleaded not guilty to charges that he shot and killing his sons: 11-year-old Joseph, 13-year-old Charles and 18-year-old Everett, as well as their 33-year-old uncle Nacuma Roland Conant in July 2011. The defendant is also charged with attempted murder in the wounding of his wife.

Conant has been hospitalized repeatedly since his arrest.

Attempts to reach a prosecutor and a defense lawyer for comment were unsuccessful.