The trial continues for a Casper man accused of murder stemming from an incident in August 2014.

The prosecution has rested its case against Charlie Mapp, who is on trial for second degree murder, in the shooting death of Richard Abeyta.

Mapp's defense made a motion of acquittal to Natrona County District Court Judge Thomas Sullins, claiming the prosecution did not prove that Mapp killed Abeyta maliciously.

Prosecutors countered that Mapp could have retreated or chose some other course of action, when Abeyta charged at him, moments before the shooting took place.

They also played video evidence earlier in the trial of a police interview with Mapp, where he said the shooting was an accident.

Judge Sullins denied the motion, and the defense is presenting its case to the jury.

The trial is expected to conclude on Thursday (September 17th).