A man who may be in the country illegally, will avoid spending time in prison, after admitting that he whipped three children.

Jorge Serafin was given a three-to-five year suspended prison sentence, along with three years of probation, after he pleaded guilty to three counts of child abuse.

Investigators with the Evansville Police Department say in May 2015, they were advised by the Department of Family Services that three children had been whipped with a cord to a vacuum cleaner, resulting in several bruises on the children.

The children said Serafin did it for disciplinary reasons.

Serafin is their mother's boyfriend and not their father.

When interviewed, the mother said she knew what was going on, and Serafin did not deny what he did, because according to both, it is acceptable where they come from.

He also faces the possibility of being deported, because he is not a U.S. citizen.