A Mills man is now admitting he had his children in a room with drugs.

Thirty-year old Jonathan Harrington has pleaded guilty to two counts of child endangerment meth and one count of possession of a controlled substance.

An investigation in early January, led police to a hotel room where harrington and his two children were staying.

Officers say they found Harrington’s children alone, and they claimed they had not seen their father all night.

Hotel security staff told investigators that he had been out and about in the hotel all night hanging out with motorcycle club members who were having a convention.

In addition, police say they found evidence of drug use in the room.

The children were returned to their mother.

Police initially became involved when they were contacted by two young adult females, who said harrington wanted to do a photo shoot with them for a magazine.

The women showed up at the hotel, but then suspected a trick, left and called police.

As part of a plea deal, prosecutors will seek no more than a three-to-five year suspended prison sentence with three years of probation.