A Casper man who had barricaded himself in his house, is facing charges for pointing a gun at his son in law.

Jon Clark has been charged with kidnapping and aggravated assault for pointing a gun at Robert Graham and forcing him to drive around the Casper Mountain Road area.

Casper police say during the early morning hours on Sunday, November 20th, Clark and Graham went out to a bar and after it closed, the two got a 12-pack of beer.

Clark offered one the beers to graham who refused because he was driving.

Clark then pulled a gun out of the console and put it in Graham's face.

The two then drove around for more than an hour around the neighborhood at the base of Casper Mountain.

Graham had recently married Clark's daughter, and Graham told police that Clark told him that he thinks he is the better man and said how he was going to end Clark's life that night.

Eventually Graham was able to get the gun away from Clark and escaped.

Later, police found Clark at his house studying a crimnal law book and managed to get him to come out.

Clark is currently being held at the Natrona County Detention Center, on $100,000 bail.