A Casper man is accused of beating his girlfriend for two hours in a residence.

Jeremiah Reyes has been charged with one count of kidnapping, and one charge of strangulation of a household member.

On top of the kidnapping charge, Natrona County Prosecutors are seeking to label Reyes as a habitual criminal.

Through an interview with the victim, investigators with the Casper Police Department say on Thursday evening, October 13th, the victim was sleeping when she was awakened by Reyes, who was in a rage about text messages he had found on her phone.

Among the things that Reyes did in the attack, included forcefully slamming the victim's body against a wall multiple times, punching her, preventing her from getting to a phone to call for help and threatened to kill her, her dogs and then hang himself.

The victim said Reyes also strangled her on five occasions, during the course of two hours.

When Reyes had to use the restroom, the victim took the opportunity to escape.

Officers observed injuries on the victim's neck that were consistent with being gripped forcefully.

Preliminary tests showed that she had a brain bleed.

When police arrived a Reyes' residence, he did not respond, but he was later taken into custody, after officers obtained a search warrant.

Investigators found blood in various locations of the residence.

Reyes refused to answer any questions about what had happened.

He is awaiting trial on $75,000 bond.

Normally kidnapping is punishable by up to 20 years in prison, however if Reyes is labeled as a habitual criminal, he could receive an enhanced penalty of 10 to 50 years in prison.

He has prior felony convictions of aggravated assault and battery, receiving and concealing stolen property and interference with a peace officer.