A Natrona County man will spend time behind bars for raping a woman and holding her hostage on Casper Mountain earlier this year.

29-year old Jensen Frandsen-Winkler was sentenced to 25-to-35 years at the Wyoming State Penitentiary, after he kept a 19-year old woman in his home on Crimson Dawn Road for more than 12 hours, and raped her during that time.

According to Law Enforcement, on the morning of February 18th, Frandsen-Winkler called 911 saying he was holding a woman hostage with a handgun, and that he also had a rifle and grenades strapped to him.

The incident started the night before when Frandsen-Winkler handcuffed the victim and threatened to shoot her, kill her and carve her like a pumpkin.

Later, Frandsen-Winkler had his victim perform oral sex on him, and then raped her.

After calling 911, he was considering killing her and himself, but eventually let the woman go.

Frandsen-Winkler had pleaded not guilty by reason of mental illness to charges of first degree sexual assault, sexual intrusion and threatening to use a deadly weapon.

He will serve his sentences concurrently.