Two Casper residents accused of child endangerment meth, had their preliminary hearing.

Judge Michael Huber has determined that there is probable cause to bound Jennifer Conwell and Kirk Steffey over for trial, on charges of child endangerment meth.

According to Casper police, just before 9 o’clock pm on Thursday, December 1st, an officer located a 5-year old child at the corner of 2nd and McKinley streets in Casper, screaming for help.

The child was not wearing a coat and was shivering profusely and had not had any dinner to eat.

The child led the officer to the place he was staying at, on the nine-hundred block of East Second Street.

There they found Steffey who immediately became belligerent and defiant towards police.

Officers could tell that Steffey was under the influence of a controlled substance.

Steffey later said he was the one watching the child and that Cromwell, who was the child's mother, dropped him off and then left with another person.

Steffey also said sometime later, he had to leave for a moment, and another guy named 'Wilbur' was supposed to be watching over the child.

Police were unable to locate 'Wilbur,' and Steffey was unable to provide 'Wilbur's' last name.

When police entered Steffey’s place, they found meth paraphernalia and residue.

As officers were in the process of arresting Steffey, Cromwell returned and also appeared under the influence of a controlled substance.

Steffey's defense argued that when police arrived they were not given permission to enter, but Detective James Wessell testified that Steffey was under investigative detention.

The defense also argued that Steffey was not in custody of the child when police arrived, and the child was not inside the residence when officers were on the scene.

At that time, the child was with the person who made the original call to the police...and was trying to stay warm.

He has since been placed in protective custody.

Bond has been set at fifty-thousand dollars for Steffey and twnety five-thousand dollars for Cromwell.

Both are now awaiting for their arraignments, where they will formally enter their pleas.