A Mills man was sentenced to prison on Friday, December 16th in District Court in Casper for sexual assault of a minor.

Jason James Joreski was sentenced on three counts of 1st degree sexual assault, and one count of 3rd degree sexual assault of a minor.

The sexual abuse was discovered this past summer, but the abuse had been going on for four years.

Assistant District Attorney Joshua Stensaas, characterized the abuse as evil and recommended the maximum penalties.

Assistant Public Defender Tim Cotton asked for mercy, saying that Joreski will be eventually part of society again and the emphasis should be put on rehabilitation.

District Court Judge Catherine Wilking told Joreski that he didn't seem to recognize the emotional damage that he did to the victim and characterized his demeanor in court proceedings as flippant.

Judge Wilking sentenced Joreski to twenty-two to twenty-four years in prison for the three 1st degree counts and twelve to fifteen years on the count of 3rd degree sexual assault of a minor.

Further, Wilking ordered Joreski to submit a DNA sample and have no contact with the victim.

Joreski was taken into custody immediately after sentencing.